Captain Wesley Dunlop

The Charismatic Captain of Iona

by Paul Hadley

All About Captain Wesley

You know that buoyant voice that greeted us daily over the Iona’s radio? That was none other than Captain Wesley Dunlop, the main man at the helm. Not only does he sport a comically entertaining radio voice, but he also sprinkles in quirky cruise-specific terminology that’s sure to tickle even the sternest passenger. Overseeing a ship as majestic as the Iona, filled with countless souls seeking a memorable holiday, is no small feat. But Captain Wesley has effortlessly combined safety and fun under his command.

From Cadet to Captain

Wesley Dunlop’s journey at sea began in 1998 as a cadet with Airtours Sun Cruises. Climbing the ranks, he secured a boatmasters’ license in 2006 and, impressively, landed his first captaincy with Saga at the tender age of 30. Being the youngest ever captain in the industry, Wesley’s career has been nothing short of remarkable. When P&O Cruises beckoned, he couldn’t resist the call and took on the responsibility of steering their magnificent vessels, including the Aurora and the Britannia.

Why P&O Cruises?

For Captain Wesley, P&O Cruises stands out for its diversity in ships, itineraries, and the overall British essence that envelopes the vessels. From traditional Afternoon Tea to modern spectacles like the show ‘Astonishing’, there’s a beautiful blend of heritage and innovation. What makes P&O even more special for Wesley is the stellar service provided by the on-board crew, which he believes is unmatched.


Commanding the Iona

The offer to captain the Iona caught Captain Wesley off-guard, but it was a challenge he embraced with unmatched enthusiasm. Describing Iona as the culmination of ‘the best of the best’, Captain Wesley takes immense pride in being at the helm of such a groundbreaking ship crafted for the British market. As he leads this ship, he’s geared up to face new challenges, undergo intensive training, and ensure that every guest on board experiences unforgettable holiday happiness.

A Sea Lover At Heart

The allure of the sea for Captain Wesley is multifaceted. The thrill of travelling, the joy of working with dedicated crews, and the privilege of steering some of the world’s most magnificent ships make him genuinely love his job. As he eloquently puts it, “I genuinely wake up every morning and pinch myself. I can’t believe how fortunate I am.”

So, the next time you hear a chirpy announcement over the radio while aboard the Iona, remember that it’s Captain Wesley Dunlop, ensuring you’re having the time of your life while also keeping you safe on your Norwegian Fjords adventure. Safe travels and cheerful chuckles, fellow cruisers!

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