The Quirky Rubber Duck Hunt on Iona

A Game of Hide and Seek at Sea

by Paul Hadley

If you’re thinking of embarking on a voyage aboard the majestic Iona, brace yourself for a tale as whimsical as the northern lights. Beyond the stunning fjords, Kim and I stumbled upon a playful little game that took our sea journey to a whole new level. Enter the world of hidden rubber ducks!

Duck-tales on the High Seas

During our delightful trip through the Norwegian Fjords, amidst the grandeur of nature and the luxury of the Iona, Kim and I noticed something peculiar. There, in the lift (of all places), was a small, colourful rubber duck gazing up at us, almost cheekily, might I add.

These aren’t your regular bath-time buddies. These ducks come with a mission! Attached to each duck is a tiny tag – a message for the finder. The tag typically gives you a choice: keep the duck as a nifty little memento or re-hide it to keep the game going.

Our Duck-tastic Discoveries

In our quest (though it wasn’t a quest at the beginning, more of a ‘what the duck?’ moment), we came across two of these cheeky chappies. Both were different in size and seemed to have their own personalities. One looked like he’d had one too many nights out in Southampton, and the other had the air of a duck that had seen the mysteries of Alesund and lived to quack the tale.

Being the sentimental souls that we are, Kim and I kept both ducks. I mean, how could you resist? Just take a gander at the feature image above to see our little souvenirs in all their rubbery glory.

A Feathery Fun for All

Whether you’re an adult looking for a chuckle or a family with kids eager for a treasure hunt, this rubber duck game adds an unexpected layer of fun to your cruise experience. It’s like an unofficial onboard scavenger hunt! And the best part? Anyone can join in. Whether you’re hiding or seeking, it’s all in good fun.

Now, I’m not saying the Norwegian Fjords and the luxuries of the Iona aren’t enough – but who’d say no to a spontaneous game of hide and seek with rubber ducks? It’s the little unexpected joys that often make a journey truly memorable.

So, if you do decide to sail the fjords aboard the Iona, keep your eyes peeled and be ready for some ducky surprises. And if you happen to find one of our ducks, give it a nod from Paul and Kim. Happy cruising!

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