Haugesund Port Visit

Hussles, Horses, and a Hint of Hollywood

by Paul Hadley

The Haugesund Hussle

Upon arriving in Haugesund, we were treated to the ship’s pièce de résistance, a manoeuvre cheekily dubbed by the captain as the ‘Haugesund Hussle’. Imagine a mammoth cruise ship, the magnificent Iona, gracefully executing a 180-degree pirouette on the open waters! Captain Wesley showcased his navigational prowess with this tight manoeuvre, and we were all left gobsmacked. Hats off, Captain!

Meandering through Marilyn’s Streets

Once ashore, Kim and I were on a mission to discover the local town. And what a delightful surprise awaited us! Amidst the idyllic streets of Haugesund, we stumbled upon a sculpture dedicated to Hollywood’s iconic diva, Marilyn Monroe. Now, why in the world, you ask, is there a Marilyn trail in Haugesund? After some digging, we learnt that Marilyn’s father’s side hailed from this region. Suddenly, the charming town took on a silver-screen sheen.

Coastal Wonders and Curious Cats

We then ambled towards the coast to witness the ‘concrete horses’, a monument that paints a stark yet striking silhouette against the sea.

Our walk further led us to local colour white boarding houses, each with its distinct character. A peculiar highlight?

Bumping into a few almost-wild cats that seemed more interested in us than the fish from the sea. As cat enthusiasts, this was a purr-fect little detour!

A Farewell Sprinkle

As we were bidding adieu to Haugesund, our last fjord port of call, a sweet surprise awaited us. The local Coast Guard, in a heartwarming gesture, sprayed arcs of water alongside the ship. It was their way of saying ‘thanks’ for the Iona gracing their waters throughout the year. A damp but delightful end to our Haugesund adventure.

In a nutshell, Haugesund wove a tapestry of scenic beauty, cinematic history, and unforgettable ship moments. Whether you’re a maritime enthusiast, a Hollywood buff, or just someone looking for a peaceful coastal town experience, Haugesund promises a potpourri of memories.

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