Olden Port Visit

Fjords, Glaciers, and Sky-High Views

by Paul Hadley

Journeying Through the Fjords

Olden was, without a doubt, the crown jewel of our Norwegian fjords voyage. The scenic journey through the fjords on DAY 5 was both the longest and the most mesmerising. Though the wee hours of the morning (between 4 and 7 AM) are the best to catch these views, our September voyage meant a rather early dawn. However, as the sun gradually ascended, the serene fjords transformed into a stunning canvas of light and shadows.

Olden’s Beauty Beckons

Arriving at Olden, the raw beauty of this place is instantly arresting. As we docked, the local ticket office teasingly offers excursions at almost half the price of those on the P&O cruise. We’d already pre-booked our activities with them in advance anyway but for future reference you can see the office right outside of the boat.

Exploring the Briksdal Glacier

Our day was packed with nature’s finest. First, a coach journey took us closer to a majestic local Briksdal glacier.

Briksdal Glacier shuttle bus views

The glacier’s allure isn’t just in its icy splendour but in the trek to reach it. For those looking for ways to explore the glacier, here’s a tip: P&O’s official shore excursions might be on the pricier side. However, there are more affordable options available. Olden Adventures offers tickets at nearly half the price, and during the summer months, public buses are even cheaper. The trek itself is entirely free – a one-hour walk each way and worth every step.

Briksdal Glacier view of the glacier simply walking towards it

Loen SkyLift to Heaven

Post-glacier, we hopped onto the Loen SkyLift, an elevator ride that rivals any other. In a mere five minutes, you’re transported to heights comparable to Snowdon in Wales.

The view? Indescribable. The mountaintop restaurant probably boasts one of the best panoramas you’d ever dine against. While we didn’t dine there, a quick peek inside affirmed its grandeur.

Also, a pro-tip for drone enthusiasts: this might just be one of the best places on Earth to let your drone soar. Just mind the weather!

Weathering the Weather

Speaking of which, September’s weather can be a tad unpredictable. Our day alternated between drizzles and dry spells. If you’re planning a visit around this time, come rain-ready.

Evening Bliss

Our day culminated in the tranquillity of the SkyDome aboard Iona. As we nestled into a window seat, sipping tea and reliving the day, the ship set sail. The fading views of Olden, bathed in twilight, were the perfect curtain call to an unforgettable day.

In sum, Olden is a melody of breathtaking landscapes and thrilling adventures. Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventurer, or simply a traveller looking for the next great story – Olden promises to be a chapter you won’t soon forget.

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