Arriving to Board P&O Iona for the First Time

From Car Boot to Buffet Line in No Time

by Paul Hadley
Arriving to Board P&O Iona for the First Time

Easing the Nautical Nerves

Now, I get it. Stepping on board a ship for the first time can make anyone’s sea legs wobble a tad with anticipation. If that’s the boat you’re in (pun absolutely intended), then you’re in for a treat because boarding the P&O Iona is smoother than a fresh jar of peanut butter. Here’s a bit of a rundown to help you navigate that maiden voyage.

Secure Your Carriage: The Parking Prelude

Driving in? Fantastic. The primo parking spot is with CPS, and while it might sting your wallet with about £150 per week, it’s as close and convenient as you could wish for. If CPS is chock-a-block, don’t panic. Other services like Just Park can help. But here’s a tip: always book in advance, unless you fancy a game of “find the parking spot” in Southampton.

Luggage Logistics: Your First Dockside Dance

As you roll up to Southampton Dock, you’ll spot designated drop-off sections. Might sound like you’re at a rock concert with “Line 1, Line 2”, and so on, but alas, it’s just where you pause to offload your luggage. The process is smooth, with a conveyor setup resembling an airport. If you feel like you’re in a suitcase tug of war, don’t fret. There are friendly faces ready to assist you.

Credentials and Controls: Keeping It Shipshape

Post-luggage parting, march on to the terminal. No, you’re not about to fly off; it’s just passport control! Whip out that passport, and they’ll hand over your P&O ID. This magical card is your key (literally) to the week – for payments, hopping on and off the ship, and likely a few impromptu magic tricks.

Once you’re officially “documented”, it’s through the security scan. If you’ve flown, it’s familiar territory. If not, just follow the crowd and think of it as a pre-boarding dance ritual.

All Aboard the Iona!

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for: stepping aboard the Iona. After a short stroll, you find your muster point. It’s a brief hello, a nod to say you’ve popped by, and you’re off to find your cabin.

Our snug nest was Cabin 4515. First order of business? A safety briefing on the telly. Far from a snoozefest, it’s short, snappy, and sprinkled with some classic British humour. The cherry on top was our cabin steward popping in, laying down the towel law and giving us the lowdown on keeping our room spic and span.

And Voila! Holiday Mode: ON

That’s it! In what felt like a jiffy (but was probably 30-40 minutes, give or take), we went from driving into Southampton to gearing up for a buffet bonanza on the Iona. It’s a streamlined affair, and I’d wager it’s quicker than queuing up for a cuppa during tea-time rush.

To those setting sail for the first time: welcome aboard! Your Norwegian Fjord adventure on the P&O Iona is about to set sail, and it starts with a breezy boarding. All aboard and anchors aweigh!

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