P&O Iona Laundry Room

Your Freshly Pressed Guide

by Paul Hadley

Fresh from an unforgettable Norwegian Fjords Cruise this past September. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Paul, with such a jam-packed itinerary, including stops from the windswept Stavanger to the mesmerising sights of Alesund, who’s thinking about laundry?” Well, surprise, surprise – it’s not just the fjords that leave an impression on this trip; sometimes it’s the small conveniences too! And for me (and my lovely wife, Kim), one such convenience was the brilliantly equipped P&O Iona laundry room.

Every Deck’s Delight: P&O Iona’s Laundry Rooms

Travel and laundry might sound like a strange combination but trust me, the longer the journey, the more you appreciate a ship that’s got your (laundry) back. And on Iona, they really do.

Decked Out with the Essentials

Located conveniently on most cabin decks, these laundry rooms aren’t your average dingy basements stuffed with a lonely washer. Nope! We’re talking a decent number of washer-dryers (around 12, by my count) all lined up and ready to get your garb gleaming again.

P&O Iona Laundry Room with ironing board and iron

Irons and Ironing Boards: The Real MVPs

While the cabins don’t house irons (probably for the best – I’m on holiday after all), the laundry rooms more than make up for it with two sturdy ironing boards and irons. And here’s a funny story for you: on the celebration night, in a quest to appear sharp, I popped down to one of these rooms to give my shirt a quick press. Lo and behold, it was practically a social gathering! Several fellow passengers had the same brainwave, turning it into an impromptu ironing party. So, a quick tip? Maybe iron out those wrinkles a tad early, or even the night before.

To Conclude…

So there you have it, the unsung hero of our cruise on the P&O Iona – the laundry room. Clean clothes while travelling? That’s the dream. And on Iona, it’s a reality. Whether you’re lounging about at sea or exploring spots like Olden and Haugesund, know that fresh clothes are just a spin cycle away.

Remember, it’s not just about the sights (though they are spectacular) but also the little amenities that make a trip special. Happy cruising, and even happier laundering!

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