P&O Iona’s Roof-Top Jogging Track

Where Sea Breezes Meet Sprinters

by Paul Hadley
P&O Iona Jogging Track 2

Hello fitness fanatics and leisurely joggers alike! It’s Paul here, back with another delightful titbit from our magnificent journey aboard the P&O Iona. This time, it’s for those who fancy a good run even when on holiday. And, I have to say, the idea of a jogging track on the roof of a cruise ship? Absolutely bonkers! But, oh boy, does it work.

Up and Running on Deck 17 (or is it 18?)

Nestled on either deck 17 or 18 (one tends to lose track when on holiday, don’t they?), the Iona boasts a jogging track for those keen on keeping up their fitness routine. While I personally preferred the relaxing allure of a poolside lounger, my lovely wife Kim donned her trainers and gave it a go. Seven laps around this track, she tells me, and you’ve clocked a mile. Not too shabby, eh?

A Track with a View

The real treat of this track isn’t just the workout; it’s the panorama. Running with the vast ocean on one side and the intricate architecture of a cruise liner on the other is genuinely unmatched. No wind deflectors here, just a clean, circular route and the gentle embrace of sea breezes.

A Jogging Etiquette?

Now, I did spot some enthusiastic joggers choosing to run around the entire ship rather than stick to the designated track. While the temptation to do a full lap of the ship is undoubtedly alluring (I mean, who wouldn’t want that?), there’s a slight hiccup.

When using the jogging track, one might notice a certain… shall we say, “territorial spirit” among the other passengers. Run outside the designated track, and you may find yourself facing the gentle ire of fellow cruisers, hoping for a serene moment on the deck. And believe me, sprinting past someone’s sun-lounger while they’re trying to enjoy their pina colada? Might ruffle a few feathers!

In Conclusion: To Jog or Not to Jog?

The P&O Iona’s jogging track is a testament to how this ship has thought of everything. It offers fitness enthusiasts a chance to break a sweat, all while enjoying breath-taking views. Just remember, if you do venture outside the track, be mindful of others. After all, we’re all aboard to have a smashing time!

So, whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or someone just looking to stretch their legs, the jogging track on Iona is waiting. Lace up those trainers and let the ocean be your running mate. Until next time, happy jogging! (Or, if you’re like me, happy lounging!)

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