Stavanger Port Visit: The One That Got Away!

by Paul Hadley

Greetings, fellow cruisers! Paul here, with another thrilling (or should I say… windy?) update from our grand Norwegian Fjords adventure aboard the Iona. Buckle up, because this one’s a doozy.

Stavanger: A Port of Promise

From our meticulous research (and countless hours drooling over picturesque photos), we learned that Stavanger is a must-visit when cruising through the Norwegian Fjords. We had grand plans of hiring bikes, gallivanting around the town, and following some scenic trails. Imagining ourselves pedalling through cobblestone streets, feeling the gentle breeze, and immersing ourselves in the charming Norwegian culture… Bliss!

High Winds and Higher Spirits

However, Mother Nature had other ideas. Due to some pesky high winds, our trusty ship, Iona, couldn’t make its grand entrance into Stavanger. A tad gutting, if I’m honest. But, like all British endeavours, we kept our chins up! One might say our plans were blown off course, but who’s counting?

An Unexpected Sea Day Awaits

While we missed out on Stavanger’s allure, the silver lining was an unexpected bonus sea day. We got to experience more of the Iona’s incredible amenities, and frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated a ship’s Jacuzzi more. It was like a lovely bonus chapter in our holiday book.

Stavanger: The Port in Our Heart

Even though we didn’t set foot in Stavanger, it still holds a special place in our hearts. From our research (and the incessant boasting from other cruisers who’ve been), we know it’s a place worth revisiting. And who knows, maybe next time the winds will be in our favour?

For those of you who’ve experienced the wonders of Stavanger, we’d love to hear about it. As for Kim and me, it remains our tantalising “one that got away.” But fret not, for every journey has its hiccups, and this was ours. Stavanger, we might’ve missed you this time, but we’ll be back!

Until our next adventure, keep those seas smooth and your spirits high. Cheerio!

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