Alesund Port Visit

Rain, Steps, and a View to Remember

by Paul Hadley

Sunrise Over Alesund

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a new port on the horizon. On day four of our cruise aboard the magnificent Iona, Kim and I were treated to an ethereal sunrise over Alesund. Glimpsing it on the room bow cam TV, we knew we couldn’t miss this. Hastily, we shot around to the front of the ship, specifically deck eight, and oh, the view! The sun’s golden rays piercing through the morning mist, slowly illuminating the hills of Alesund – it was a sight for sore, sleep-filled eyes.

Observing Alesund from Above

Post our celestial spectacle, we had a hearty breakfast and got ready for our day’s adventures in Alesund. Though the heavens decided to open up generously, drenching us in a sudden downpour, it did little to dampen our spirits. At the heart of our Alesund escapade was the observatory.

Now, before you recoil in horror, it was a mere 417 steps (yes, we counted!). While it sounds daunting, the climb was more exhilarating than exhausting. And the view? Simply breathtaking. The panoramic sight of the bay was worth every step and then some. The observatory is a stone’s throw from the cruise ship, making it a must-do for anyone visiting Alesund.

Of Rain-soaked Streets and Hearty Meals

Our stroll took us along the scenic hills and back towards the ship, albeit a tad wetter than when we started. Note to self: Always pack an umbrella when in Norway. But every cloud (and there were many) has a silver lining. Ours came in the form of a delectable meal at the Quays – the burger and chips truly hit the spot!

Armed with umbrellas and rain jackets, our second outing was a more leisurely affair. The local town, with its charming rivers, quaint gift shops, and inviting seating areas, beckoned. The tranquil harbours added to the serene atmosphere, making our day in Alesund a blend of nature’s wonders and local culture.

In essence, Alesund offered a little slice of Norwegian beauty – rain, steps, and all. For those planning a visit, come rain or shine, this port promises a memorable day. Just remember the umbrella!

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