P&O Dress Code

by Paul Hadley

If you’re anything like me, you’ve perhaps been flummoxed a time or two by the somewhat mystifying concept of cruise ship attire. Are we talking James Bond at the casino, or a relaxing evening in front of the telly in your comfiest joggers? Well, if you’re planning on taking the scenic Norwegian Fjords route with P&O Iona (which, by the way, is an absolute treat – just ask my wife Kim!), we’re here to provide a bit of clarity on the whole dressing-up hullabaloo.

Evening Elegance: The Basic Drill

Now, the lion’s share of your sartorial stress, if you’re like most, is likely centered around evening dos. The good news? It’s simpler than you might think. At the core, P&O leans towards ‘smart casual’. Think dark blue jeans, perhaps a polo or shirt for the gents. You won’t get any side-eyes for sporting trainers, either.

That said, from our own experience onboard, many choose to go that extra nautical mile. Swapping those trainers for dress shoes, or those comfy jeans for smarter trousers. But remember, while it might have a tad more premium feel when you dress up, there’s no rulebook etched in stone.

Celebration Night: Dressing to the Nines

A standout in our week-long escapade was definitely the celebration night, which for us, took place on the second night (remember, this was DAY 2 of our sea adventure). This evening was all about pulling out all the stops. I was decked in a snazzy blue suit, complete with a green tie and crisp white shirt. Kim, my better half, looked every bit the diva in her blue, ball-gown-esque dress.

And let me tell you, the ship transformed. Nearly everyone was donning their finest, looking as though they were off to a glitzy Hollywood soirée. It was an atmosphere of sheer elation – everyone at their best, feeling their best.

But What If Gowns and Suits Aren’t My Cup of Tea?

Fear not! If dressing up isn’t your jam, the Iona’s got you covered. There are spots like the Horizon Café where casual is the word. It’s a cruise, after all – and comfort is king (or queen).

In Conclusion: Dress As You Like, Enjoy the Night

The Norwegian Fjords cruise aboard Iona is about the stunning vistas, the onboard experiences, and the joy of the journey. Dress codes, while a part of the experience, shouldn’t overshadow the adventure. Wear what makes you feel splendid, be it a tuxedo or a t-shirt.

So, here’s to nights filled with fun, flair, and fabulous fashion (or lack thereof)!

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