The Unmissable 710 Club on Iona: A Symphony on the Sea

by Paul Hadley

Paul here, and if you’ve hopped aboard the P&O Iona, you’ve likely set sail on a memorable journey around the Norwegian Fjords. While DAY 3 might’ve missed Stavanger thanks to those pesky winds and brought us an unexpected sea day, by DAY 4 in Alesund, things were back on track. But while the fjords might leave you in awe, there’s one place on the ship that truly captured my heart and ears – the 710 Club. And trust me, it’s not just another entertainment venue; it’s an experience.

Exclusive, Yet Inclusive

With a ship boasting nearly 5,000 souls, getting a seat at the 710 Club is no small feat. Imagine a venue so exclusive that it holds just about 70 seats! But oh, if you do manage to snag one, you’re in for a treat. With every passing night, my wife Kim and I became more convinced: the 710 Club is Iona’s crowning jewel.

A Band Unlike Any Other

Enter the band. Not just any band, but four master craftsmen of sound. Sebastian, tickling the ivories with precision; Dan, beating the drums into a rhythmic frenzy; Ellis, bringing that bass guitar to life; and Adam, stringing along our emotions with his guitar.

These weren’t just four lads in a band; they were four maestros orchestrating an evening of unparalleled musical merriment. Each night brought a fresh medley of tunes, reimagined and reinvented in ways that I, for one, had never heard before. Their seamless improvisation made every performance distinct – as if they were crafting a musical story just for us.

The 710 Atmosphere

The club, with its immaculate setup and superior sound quality, ensured that the band took centre stage. The best part? The respect from the audience. Not a peep, not a murmur, just collective admiration for the talent before them. The uninterrupted 45-minute sets were a testament to the band’s prowess and the audience’s unwavering attention.

Booking Your Ticket

While you can book to gain access, with such limited seats, Kim and I found an alternative way in. Pro-tip from yours truly: head to the 710 Club as soon as it opens. If you’re early for the 7 o’clock show, they’ll put you on a waitlist. And if luck is on your side (as it often was for us), a no-show means you snag a seat!

In Conclusion

Our 7-day voyage aboard Iona, from Southampton’s embarkation to our DAY 7 sea day, was dotted with several memorable moments. But our evenings at the 710 Club, where we were fortunate to get seats five out of the seven nights, undoubtedly top the list.

If you ever find yourself on this cruise – and I sincerely hope you do – do whatever you can to experience the magic of the 710 Club. Because while the Norwegian Fjords are undoubtedly mesmerising, the symphony on the sea is something you won’t soon forget.

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