Iona Swimming: Dive into Iona Swimming Pools

by Paul Hadley
Iona Swimming

When it comes to taking the plunge and enjoying a refreshing swim or simply basking by the pool, the P&O Iona doesn’t disappoint. From sun-kissed decks to intricate pool designs, ‘Iona swimming’ has become synonymous with relaxation and fun. Here’s a comprehensive guide to all the swimming spots you can enjoy aboard the magnificent Iona.

Infinity Pool

Adding a touch of luxury to Iona swimming, the Infinity Pool offers breathtaking ocean views. Located at the aft of the ship, this pool offers an unrivalled sense of serenity, letting you swim with the backdrop of the open sea.

SkyDome Pools

Perhaps the most iconic feature of the Iona’s swimming facilities, the SkyDome promises a unique experience. With a glass roof, it’s an all-weather, multi-purpose venue. The pool here, surrounded by loungers and cabanas, is perfect for those who want a balance of indoor comfort and outdoor freshness. At night, expect magical light shows and entertainment that add to the ambience. 

Reef Splash Zone

Ideal for families and kids, the Reef Splash Zone is an expanse of fun and frolic. Complete with mini-slides, water play areas, and sprayers, it’s where young ones can let loose and enjoy. And for parents, the adjacent sun loungers mean you can relax and keep an eye on the little ones, ensuring they’re safe while they play.

Oasis Spa Pools

For those seeking tranquillity, the Oasis Spa pool is your haven. This adult-only area is perfect for those moments when you want to unwind and soak in some peace. With a series of whirlpools and a beautifully designed pool, complemented by the spa’s serene décor, it’s Iona swimming at its most calming.

Safety and Accessibility

Every pool area on Iona is equipped with lifeguards ensuring safety for all swimmers. Additionally, for those with mobility issues, there are accessible swimming options available, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the Iona swimming experience.

In conclusion, the Iona offers a plethora of swimming options catering to all kinds of pool enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for family fun, romantic retreats, or solo swims, ‘Iona swimming’ covers it all. Dive in and let the waves of luxury and relaxation wash over you.

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