Iona Deck Plan: Navigating the Majestic Cruise Ship

by Paul Hadley
Iona Deck Plan

Ahoy, fellow wanderlust souls! If you’ve been longing to set sail amidst the mesmerising Norwegian Fjords (just as yours truly, Paul, did with his lovely wife, Kim), then you’re in for a treat! There’s nothing quite like hopping on the P&O Cruise aboard the colossal ship known as Iona. Now, before you embark on this thrilling journey following the tracks of Cruise G332 at the time, a handy deck plan is just what you need to ensure you don’t find yourself wandering around like a lost penguin. (Trust me, it’s not as fun as it sounds.)

Iona Deck Plan – The Pocket-Sized Navigator

One of the first things you’ll be handed on this grand voyage is a fold-out map. This tiny wonder, perfectly sized to fit into your pocket, is essentially your ticket to navigating Iona’s majestic decks. It’s literally as convenient as a credit card (though unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any spending power).

All Aboard the Lifts

For those moments when your pocket-sized map is chilling in your cabin and you’re facing a mild panic about where to go next, worry not! The elevators have got your back. In each lift, there’s a clear deck plan indicating where to find what. Whether you’re hunting for that spa on deck 16 or the cocktail lounge on deck 8, the lift guides will ensure you’re never more than a glance away from your next destination.

Spotting Your Location Onboard – Via a Deck Plan

Remember the good old days when adventurers would use a huge compass to find their way? Well, aboard the Iona, the compass has been replaced with the deck plan on each deck! This lifesaver showcases exactly where you are and what treasures lie around you. There’s no greater joy than knowing that the buffet is just a short walk away!

Getting to Know the Ship

Let me spill some beans from my voyage with Kim: it took us about two or three days to feel like seasoned Iona experts. Many of the floors, you’ll note, are brimming with cosy cabins, but decks 6 to 8 and 16 to 18 are where the real action is. If you ever feel a bit turned around, remember – you’re never too far from a deck plan pasted proudly on a wall.

But here’s a piece of wisdom: the earlier you familiarise yourself with the layout, the more time you have for those impromptu dance-offs or cocktail sessions!

Wrapping Up

All in all, while the allure of the Norwegian Fjords and the stops on the Cruise, from the embarkation at Southampton to the charming terrains of Olden and Haugesund, are undeniably captivating, the Iona itself is a marvel to explore. With a deck plan in hand (or pocket), you’re all set to make the most of this unforgettable journey.

Safe travels and may your compass (or deck plan) always point you to adventure!

Iona Deck Plans From The Lifts Extended

During our cruise, Kim and I realised that each elevator trip was like a mini orientation session, all thanks to the deck plans featured inside! So, in true modern explorer fashion, we captured photos of the deck plans from all the different levels inside the elevators. It’s a pictorial journey you won’t want to miss, especially if you’re keen on knowing your way around even before you set foot on the Iona.

Take a look below:


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