Iona Cabins To Avoid

by Paul Hadley

Ahoy fellow cruise aficionados! Paul here, fresh off a fantastic Norwegian Fjords Cruise with my lovely wife, Kim. Let’s cut to the chase, you’re probably curious about the cabins onboard the majestic P&O Iona, aren’t you? Let me give you the inside scoop – pun intended – on our experience with the inside cabin room 4515.

A Peek Inside Room 4515

If you’ve got the image of a cramped, dark, and dreary closet in your mind, think again! The cabins on P&O Iona are surprisingly luxurious. Even as an inside cabin, room 4515 exuded the vibe of a luxury hotel, albeit somewhat snug in size. Take a look at the feature image of our room above

While it’s true that inside cabins come without a window to the outside world, you do get a webcam view from the front of the ship on your television. It’s a neat touch and gives a kind of ‘faux window’ effect. Not the real deal, of course, but it’s a clever solution to the windowless situation.

Bathroom Brilliance

A pivotal part of any room is its bathroom, isn’t it? And boy, were we impressed.

The shower? Spacious and toasty warm. The sink, mirror, and lighting combo? Perfectly lit, so you won’t miss a spot while shaving or applying makeup. Plus, none of your beloved toiletries will face the peril of toppling over due to the boat’s movement. That shelf is secure!

However, a quick heads-up: the toilet uses a suction system, so expect a loud flush. It’s universal across the ship, so don’t think you drew the short straw with your room choice. We found it quite amusing, to be honest, and made a bit of a joke out of it!

Entertainment Galore

This might pique your interest: the TV isn’t just for the faux-window webcam. It’s your hub for live sports, films, live television, and also a live positioning of the ship. Imagine catching up on your favourite show while glancing occasionally at the ship’s live location – it’s nautical luxury!

To Book or Not To Book?

Undoubtedly, if you’re feeling a bit plush, the suites or at least the balcony cabins might be more up your alley. Yet, if budget is of paramount importance – and let’s face it, for most of us it is – then the inside cabins offer superb value for money. You get the fridge, fresh towels, your own life jackets, and even a little faux window!

Life jackets in the wardrope


While sailing through the stunning itinerary of our Norwegian Fjords Cruise – from Southampton to Alesund (thanks to a cheeky detour due to high winds) and beyond – we found the inside cabin to be a snug, yet luxury-laden haven. Sure, we didn’t have the sweeping ocean views from our own balcony, but we certainly didn’t feel shortchanged.

Would we recommend the inside cabin? Absolutely! It’s budget-friendly without skimping on the comforts. But hey, if you can stretch that budget a tad more, maybe consider the windowed options. Whatever floats your boat!

Until next time, keep sailing, and don’t let that toilet flush spook you!

Take a look here at maps of the ship to give you an idea of cabin locations.

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