Iona Restaurants: A Gastronomic Odyssey at Sea

Paul and Kim's Culinary Adventure on P&O's Iona

by Paul Hadley

Embarking on our Norwegian Fjords Cruise onboard the P&O’s fantastic vessel Iona wasn’t just a journey for the eyes. It was a tantalising expedition for the tastebuds too. From the opulence of the four main dining restaurants to the laid-back charm of the Horizon buffet, every meal felt like we were diving into a new culinary universe.

A View with a Bite: The Horizon Buffet

We found ourselves irresistibly drawn to the Horizon Buffet. And why not? With an array of delightful lunchtime options and the ever-tempting midday snacks, who could resist? Couple that with a serene view of the sea from the window, a delightful piece of cake in hand, and a steaming cup of tea – it’s almost poetic.

Fine Dining with Choice: Opal, Aqua, Coral, and Pearl

The charm of the four major restaurants – Opal, Aqua, Coral, and Pearl – is undeniable. With the ambiance echoing that of a 5-star dining establishment, every meal felt like an event. Whether you’re in the mood for some intimate dining with your significant other or fancy some lively conversation with fellow cruisers, there’s an option for everyone.

Kim and I were continually impressed with the ever-changing daily menu, ensuring that our culinary journey never hit a monotonous note. Moreover, the brilliance of the virtual queue system, accessible via the app, ensures that your table awaits without the dreary wait.

Why Pay More? A Question to Ponder

With the cornucopia of delectable options available onboard, the thought of paying extra for additional eateries seemed almost superfluous.

Without spending anymore the variety available is commendable. Take Asian cuisine, classic fish and chips, and hearty American burgers, all included in the pride.

A Sky-High Treat: Taste 360 in the Sky Dome

For those moments when the appetite demands something straightforward yet delicious, Taste 360 up in the Sky Dome hits the spot. The allure of unlimited pizza, burgers, chips, and hotdogs throughout the day is undeniable. And yes, by Day 5 in Olden, I had to admit – I had perhaps indulged a tad too much. But with such gastronomic delights at one’s fingertips, who could blame me?

A Little Tip from Paul

For those with a sweet tooth (or anyone who appreciates the finer things in life), make a beeline for the Horizon Buffet around 3 o’clock. The scones are a treat not to be missed. Remember, you heard it here first!

In conclusion, whether you’re onboard the Iona for the breathtaking views of Alesund or the thrill of the journey at sea, the culinary adventures will remain an indelible part of your memories. Bon App├ętit!


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Iona Deck Plan

Iona Deck Plan

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