P&O Iona Infinity Pool

Sailing the Fjords: Infinity Pools and Infinite Memories aboard P&O Iona

by Paul Hadley
P&O Iona Infinity Pool

When you imagine a luxury cruise, perhaps you think of endless buffets, Broadway-worthy shows, or the sheer vastness of the ocean around you. But aboard the P&O Iona during our unforgettable Norwegian Fjords Cruise, Kim and I discovered something else – the blissful lure of the Iona Infinity Pool. Let’s dive right in (pun very much intended).

P&O Iona Infinity Pool – A September to Remember

Our adventure started in Southampton (Cruise G332 for those taking notes), and as any British holiday goes, the weather gave us a hint of drama right at the beginning. We were meant to make a stop in Stavanger, but it seems the winds had other plans for us. So, Mother Nature gifted us a bonus sea day, which, to be honest, was a blessing in disguise.

Why, you ask?

Because it gave us more time to discover and appreciate the Iona’s infinity pools!

The Main Attraction: The Larger Infinity Pool

Dominating the feature image, and rightly so, the larger infinity pool is a visual spectacle. But it’s not just its size that’s impressive. As you swim, it feels like you’re floating seamlessly into the fjords. With the Norwegian backdrop, it’s nature and luxury combined in a surreal aquatic dance.

The Intimate Experience: The Smaller Pool

A tad more intimate but no less mesmerising, the smaller infinity pool offers a similar luxurious experience. It’s the perfect spot if you’re like Kim and me, wanting those moments of quietude amidst the grandeur of the cruise. And of course, the views are just as breath-taking.

Warm, Welcoming, and Perfectly Sized

If you’re worried about catching a cold, fear not! Both pools are temptingly warm. It’s like taking a bath, but with nature’s own aromatherapy of salty sea air. And for those who fancy doing a few lengths, both pools are just long enough to get that light exercise in. (You know, to make space for the next round of buffet delights.)

Floating Through the Fjords

There’s nothing quite like the experience of swimming in an infinity pool as you cruise through the majestic Norwegian Fjords. With every splash, we felt closer to nature, all while indulging in the luxury that is the P&O Iona.

P&O Iona Infinity Pool whilst cruising in the fjords

Whether you’re planning your next cruise or just daydreaming, don’t forget to bookmark the P&O Iona Infinity Pool. And if the winds decide to give you a cheeky bonus sea day, know that there’s always a silver (or should I say, aquatic?) lining.

Until next time, happy cruising!

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