Unmissable Cruise Experiences Departing from Newcastle upon Tyne

by Paul Hadley
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Why Choose Newcastle for Your Cruise Departure?

The majority of UK-based cruises may set sail from Southampton, but for those residing in the North East, reaching the southern port is far from convenient. The absence of direct trains and the prospect of a long six-hour drive or an expensive flight make Newcastle an increasingly appealing option. Start your holiday right at your doorstep: easily reach the Port of Tyne, park your vehicle, and your vacation adventure begins the moment you board the ship.

The Port of Tyne: What You Need to Know

Limited by its size, the Port of Tyne can host ships with a maximum length of 300 meters and accommodate up to 2,000 passengers. Although this might rule out some of the industry’s larger vessels, a variety of cruise options remain available.

Cruise Lines Sailing from Newcastle

  1. Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines: With their ship Bolette, Fred. Olsen offers year-round cruising from Newcastle. Catering primarily to the over-50s demographic, these cruises emphasize destinations and have limited facilities for children.
  2. Ambassador Cruise Line: Come summer 2023, Ambassador will introduce voyages on their newest ship, Ambition. With ports of call including France, Spain, Iceland, Norway, and the Scottish Isles, their offerings are varied and extensive.

P&O Cruises: Yay or Nay?

For those wondering, P&O does not operate cruises from Newcastle. However, they do provide fly-cruise packages from Newcastle Airport to Tenerife, Malta, and the Caribbean.

Top Destinations to Explore From Newcastle

  1. Norwegian Fjords: Fred. Olsen’s Balmoral ship offers northern adventures where you can experience the Midnight Sun or Northern Lights, depending on the season.
  2. Iceland and Beyond: Multiple cruise lines offer itineraries that include Iceland along with stops in Norway, Greenland, the Azores, or the Faroe Islands.
  3. The Baltics: Experience the grandeur of St Petersburg, the charm of Tallinn, and other Baltic gems, mainly through Fred. Olsen itineraries.
  4. British Isles: Enjoy a scenic journey around the UK, docking at ports like Invergordon, Kirkwall, and others.

Types of Cruises

  1. Mini Getaways: Short 2-3 day cruises are available for those looking for a brief escape or a taste of the cruise life.
  2. All-Inclusive Options: Both Fred. Olsen and Ambassador offer all-inclusive packages, with some limitations on drink options.
  3. No-Fly Cruises: Ideal for those who can reach Newcastle by land, these cruises let you avoid the hassles of air travel altogether.

Getting to the Port of Tyne

The Port of Tyne is approximately 35 minutes away from Newcastle Airport and 20 minutes from Newcastle Central Station. A Metro ride and a short walk will also get you to the terminal from the central train station.

Final Thoughts

If you’re based in the North East, it’s worth considering Newcastle as a viable and convenient cruise departure point. With a variety of itineraries and types of cruises on offer, you’re sure to find something that floats your boat.

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If Newcastle isn’t your cup of tea, Liverpool might serve as another accessible port to consider.

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