Iona’s Backbone: A Peek Into The Staff That Powers Your Perfect Holiday

by Paul Hadley

The Army Behind Your Unforgettable Cruise

When sailing on the glorious P&O Cruise ship, Iona, it’s easy to get mesmerised by the sheer beauty of the Norwegian Fjords, the lavish cabins, or even the lip-smacking gourmet dishes. But have you ever stopped to wonder about the many faces that tirelessly work behind the scenes, ensuring your cruise experience is nothing short of perfection?

Numbers Speak Louder Than Words

Let’s crunch some numbers. While specific figures might slightly vary depending on the cruise’s duration and special onboard events, a ship like Iona typically employs a sizeable crew, all dedicated to offering top-notch service. These figures are a testament to how much effort goes into ensuring that your Norwegian Fjords Cruise is a dream come true:

  • Engineers & Technical Staff: Ensuring the ship sails smoothly and all amenities are in tip-top shape, this team comprises around 350 professionals.
  • Chefs & Culinary Team: With multiple dining options available on Iona, this team has a whopping 400 members, whipping up everything from your morning croissant to your midnight snack.
  • Entertainers & Recreational Staff: From the musicians serenading you during dinner to the trainers at the gym, this team, consisting of about 250 members, ensures you’re entertained and engaged throughout.
  • Housekeeping & Maintenance: Ensuring your cabins are spotless and the ship looks as good as new every day, this team has roughly 500 members.
  • Administrative & Customer Service: Be it the reception desk or the travel assistance onboard, around 200 staff members ensure all your queries are answered.
  • Health & Safety: Approximately 50 professionals, including medical staff, ensure everyone on board stays healthy and safe.

This gives us a rough total of over 1,700 crew members dedicated to ensuring your holiday is memorable!

The Unseen Heroes

Every time you enjoy a sumptuous meal, sleep soundly, or even attend an onboard event, remember there’s a large team working tirelessly, often behind the scenes, making it all happen. The synchronisation and dedication of such a diverse team are what makes cruising on Iona an unparalleled experience.

So, on your next cruise, maybe send a silent thank you to these unsung heroes. After all, they play an integral role in crafting those unforgettable moments aboard the Iona, amidst the stunning backdrop of the Norwegian Fjords.

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